Liz Bolduc (Sux)

Cartoonist, Illustrator & Zine Maker


Boston, Massachusetts | | instagram


Solo Publications

2020  It'll Be Alright: The Full Collection, self-publication Coming in 2020

           Cast Pearls Before Swine: an 8-part series, self-publication 2020

2019  Perishable Goods, self-publication

           It'll Be Alright volume 2 issues 1-11, self-publication

2018  Aslan's Ghost, self-publication

           It’ll Be Alright: An Album, self-publication

Shelf Life: Stories from the Library, self-publication

Untamed Girls, self-publication

It’ll Be Alright volume 1 issues 2 - 6, self-publication

2017  It’ll Be Alright volume 1 issue 1, self-publication

2016 Homegrowing, self-publication

          I Feel Lukewarm, self-publication

         The Underlying Constant of Weirdness, self-publication

2015 End of a Year, self-publication


Collaborative Projects + Publications


2020  Aeronaut Brewery & Pink Boots Society Beer Label, edited by Lee Hatfield, creative director and artist

          Bright Lite Magazine issue 10, edited by Ami Komai, contributor 

2019  Bright Lite Magazine issue 9, edited by Ami Komai, contributor

          Bright Lite Magazine issue 8, edited by Ami Komai, contributor

          GRLSQUASH issue 2, edited by Madison Trapkin, food & culture magazine, contributor

2018 GRLSQUASH debut issue, edited by Madison Trapkin, food & culture magazine, contributor

          Brain Garbage issue 2, edited by Miles Honey and Jack Van Tuyle, comic anthology, contributor

          SheCult: Muse, art magazine, contributor

2017 Milk & Honey issue 2, edited by Giancarlo D’Alessandro, comic anthology, contributor

2016 As You Were #5: This Job Sucks!, edited by Mitch Clem, comic anthology, contributor

Artist Residencies 

2020  Industry Lab Winter Residency with a focus on creating a new comic series and being home base

               for Patreon-specific work

Workshops + Panels

2020  Industry Lab's Wellness Week: A self-care comic workshop

2019  It'll Be Alright: Comic Zine Workshops in Boston @

               Hub Comics

               Industry Lab


           Boston University Student PubCon: "Publishing and Web Comics" Panel with Zoe Piel.

           New Zineland: Making Diary Comics workshop. Link.

           Drinking & Drawing with Liz Sux: Making Diary Comics workshop. Link.

2018  Spaceus Zine Marathon: Childhood Memories & Comics workshop. Link.



2019  "Join the Liz Bolduc Hate Club" by Elie Levine for Somerville Scout. Link.

           "The Top Local Zines of 2018" by Olivia Deng for The Boston Hassle. Link.

           "Best of Underground Lit 2018" by Reality Hands for the Boston Hassle. Link

2018  "My Instagram: Liz Bolduc" artist spotlight by Kaya Williams for The Boston Globe. Link.

           "Check Out Liz Bolduc's Artwork" artist spotlight for Boston Voyager. Link.

           Untitled Solo Comic Exhibition, Bloc Cafe, Somerville, MA

Untitled Solo Comic Exhibition, Somerville Public Library, Somerville, MA

Tight Pencils Podcast, a podcast interviewing cartoonists and their process, hosted by Kevin Budnik. Link.

2016 This Job Sux!” interview by Natalye Childress for Silver Sprocket. Link.

2014 Psychology major discovers catharsis and confidence through creative expression” interview by Allie Baker for The Equinox. Link.

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